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A.Vogel BioSnacky

Pasta Range

Vitamins and supplements

Pumpkin Seeds

Hawaiian mix

Health Foods

Available brands
Alpro, Aspall, Clipper, Clearspring, Danival, Doves Farm, Dr.Gilliam McKeith, Dr.Stuart’s, Dragonfly, Eat Natural, Equal Exchange, Golden Temple, Gran Stead’s, Granose, Green & Black’s, Hambledon Teas, Infinity Foods, Karg, La Bio Idea, Meridian, Munchy Seeds, Nanny, Nature’s Path, Oatly, Panda, Plamil, Orgran< Oranico, Qi, Stute, Suma, Tartex, Traidcraft and Village Bakery.

This is just a hint of some of what we carry in addition to our “scoop” range.

Scoop range
Dried Fruits, Nuts, Nut Mixes, Sugars, Cereals, Porridge, Muesli, Cous-cous
Bulghur, Rice (Brown, Basmati, Short), seeds and Ecover Laundry Powder.

For those of you who are pushed for time, why don’t you telephone us with your list and we will “scoop” the products for you. Get the advantage of the freshest stocks (high turn-over) and minimal packaging (just the bag it is weighed in). This system works so well for home-baking Christmas cakes and puddings, although at Christmas time we need 24 hours before collection.

Chilled & frozen
Frozen stocks are plentiful (supported by some chilled) and available brands are: Swedish Glace, Ambledown Pies (getReal), Tival, Quorn, Vegemince, Vegechunks and more.

Eggs are supplied by a local company in Cowfold.